Find out what the people involved in Rock Choir think about their experiences


Find out below what some key figures in UK music think of Rock Choir and, more importantly, what the members say.

'Rock Choir is fab! Three part harmony, choreography, fun and laughter! I leave on a total natural high each week!'

Leslie - Chobham Rock Choir

'Singing gives a terrific high and is certainly an aid to fighting depression. I looked forward to each week with excitement. I just want to spread the word, join Rock Choir if there is one near you.'

Seana - Basingstoke Rock Choir

'Just to let you know that Rock Choir has been a lifeline to me, it is like a tonic for the soul.'

Beryl - Guildford Rock Choir

'As a couple who work full time in stressful jobs we look forward to our Thursday Rock Choir - it doesn’t matter how difficult the week is – we get the chance to sing our stress away and the buzz sees us through to the next week.'

Tony - Portsmouth Rock Choir

'In these rather serious and, for many of us, 'straightened' times, it's a super release valve to have the wonderful Rock Choir to jolly us out of ourselves!'

Gilly - Farnham Rock Choir

'Its all been said already, but Rock Choir is just the best, most fun and most uplifting experience ever. The more people that join, the happier this country will be.'


'I have been a member of Rock Choir for 3 years and I can honestly say that joining was the best thing I ever did. I look forward to my weekly rehearsals and leave the hall on a high! Long live Rock Choir!!!'


'If you want to smile and sing for an hour and a half, go to Rock Choir. Getting on stage is so rewarding and when your 6 year-old says how proud he is of his mummy, then it's worth every moment !'

Caroline Jopling - Chobham Rock Choir

'I looked for years for somewhere to sing with others, but never found a group than sang a wide range of songs that you  looked forward to singing with a smile on your face and a swing in the hips. Rock Choir (Chiswick) arrived and filled that void, I'm still smiling.'

Isabel - Chiswick Rock Choir

'It is what gets me through the week. Rock Choir is real and should be available on the NHS.'


'Being part of the choir has given me a wonderful opportunity to belong to a fantastic venture into the world of contemporary music and given me a new lease of life. Singing in the choir is a much better 'pick-me-up' than any anti-depressant tablet prescribed by a doctor. I come away after the weekly choir session with the best feeling ever and the companionship with fellow members is something money can't buy.'

Janet - Farnham Rock Choir

'ROCK CHOIR WARNING! Be careful if you try Rock Choir as it is totally addictive! You may be enticed to try it with a free taster session but beware as it only takes one visit to become obsessed! Well that's a bit tongue-in-cheek but it really is great fun. I have been a member of the St Albans Rock Choir since September 2009 :-o'

David – St Albans Rock Choir

'I am a member of the Watford Rock Choir and it is so much fun! No auditions! Everyone is welcome! You cannot fail but to leave the class happy and uplifted!'

Mandy Rosen - Watford Rock Choir

'I think everyone in this country of ours loves to sing, be it good, be it bad, whether in the shower, on a karaoke machine or professionally. I have been lucky enough in the past 12 months to be part of the singing trio “The Soldiers” and we are, as it sounds, actual serving soldiers with over 50 years of service between us. The point I am trying to make is that if you enjoy singing then you should sing and be proud and loud. Myself, Gary Chilton and Ryan Idzi (fellow band members) sang loud and proud and now after only 12 months we have sold over 600,000 copies of our debut CD, which goes to show anything is possible.

Our producer happens to produce another group. I say 'group' but there are thousands of members all over the country. They go by the name Rock Choir. I was fortunate enough to work with the founder member Caroline Redman Lusher. She is passionate about singing and spreading the joy of singing all over the country, so you could say it is our version of “Glee". I think it is a wonderful idea and when the album appears I will be first in the queue to get my copy.

Well done guys and keep singing.'

Richie Maddocks
(Double-platinum selling singer with 'The Soldiers').

'I can only echo what people have said about Rock Choir. It's had such an impact on mine and other's lives. A fantastic outlet for singing feel-good songs, the ones we all enjoy to listen to - and the opportunity to be part of a group producing an amazing sound. I've made so many friends and had many fantastic experiences during my last 5 years with Rock Choir and look forward to many more!'

Emma - Chiswick Rock Choir

'I now sing in the Welwyn Garden City group, and I am obsessed! It's given me something to look forward to each week whilst going through the challenge of job hunting in these difficult times. Last week I was finally offered a role, in a neighbouring county – but I'll sooner take a long commute than move away and leave Rock Choir! Our leader Pippa is one of the most enthusiastic, inspirational and lovely ladies you will ever meet, and with her sense of humour I think a lot of us feel like we are attending a stand-up comedy show as well as a choir rehearsal on Monday evenings!'

Lisa - Welwyn Garden City Rock Choir

'I am a Rock Choir member and love my weekly 90 minutes of singing and smiling with so many people and also the addictive 'high' that it leaves me with. Caroline Redman Lusher and her team have created something very, very special.'

Kate - Guildford Rock Choir

'Come along and experience Rock Choir - the world's largest choir - one evening. An evening with Pippa Gearing in Amersham would be the highlight of your month.'

Neil - Amersham Rock Choir

'My 12 year old daughter Abbii and I both sing in Rock Choir. It is great to do something together that we both really enjoy. We have sung at Disneyland Paris and Guilfest, and I have been on the Paul O'Grady Show. What an experience!'

Judith - Farnham Rock Choir

'I had a great time singing throughout school and university, but when I graduated all I could find were choral societies. Don't get me wrong, classical music is beautiful and is one of the four groups that I sing with, then I discovered a cappella/barbershop singing and got involved in that community. That took my singing commitments up to 3 a week, but when I heard about Rock Choir I couldn't resist crowbar-ing another choir into my life. I sing with the Welwyn group and it's the most fun I have all week. Our leader Pippa as trained by Rock Choir is amazing, her passion and enthusiasm can't help but lift you no matter how tired or stressed you were when you arrived. If you haven't tried it yet, then you really are missing out.'

Jodie – Welwyn Garden City Rock Choir

'I am dyslexic...and was never able to read music, but always had a hankering to sing. Now I am doing so! I joined Rock Choir in audition, just take a place where you fancy you might fit in. The feeling of achievement is astronomical!... Thank you Caroline for starting the Choir, and thank you Sam (our leader) for all your patience and enthusiasm. Rock Choir rules!!'

Maggie - Dorking Rock Choir

'I am proud to say I am part of this organisation which offers a true "feel-good" experience at every rehearsal. It's been an exhilarating and uplifting experience for me to be part of such a choir, our leader Pippa is an absolute star.' 

Oriana - Amersham Rock Choir

'Rock Choir is a way for people to express themselves musically in an enviroment which normally would not allow them to do so. I bet a pound to a pinch of salt there are thousands of guys and girls in the UK itching to sing but are too embarrassed or worried what others may think, and let's face it, if it makes people happy then come on UK lets get behind them!!! Rock Choir is the wonderful innovative idea which is the brain child of Caroline Redman Lusher who I have had the privilege of working with over the past 12 months.
Live the dream guys.'

Gary Chilton
(Double-platinum selling singer with 'The Soldiers')

'The most uplifting, inspirational and empowering choir in the country. Not only are they the biggest choir in the world, they truly do move you in a way I didn't think possible'

Nick Patrick
(7 x Classical Brit Award winning record producer with record sales of 40 million records)