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Caroline Redman Lusher: Founder and director of Rock Choir and solo artist

The award-winning pioneer of the contemporary choir phenomenon, Caroline Redman Lusher is a dynamic and successful businesswoman and entrepreneur. Founder of Rock Choir and a talented solo artist in her own right, she is an inspiration to thousands of women across the UK.

A professional singer and musician, with grade eight certificates in both violin and piano from the Royal School of Music, she started performing professionally at fifteen while studying for a classical music scholarship. Before she become a teacher of Performing Arts and Music, she pursued her dream to win a record deal performing in the West End.

Her dream was realised when Rock Choir was offered a four album record deal with Universal. Caroline has also featured on the ‘Together’ album by Blake, the classical-pop crossover artists, and The Soldiers' ‘Coming Home’ album, which reached double platinum status.

In 2012 Caroline was thrilled to receive a coveted Gold Badge Award from BASCA and the PRS, honouring her unique contribution to British music.

For more information about Caroline, visit her website.

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