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How much does it cost?

After your initial free taster session, Rock Choir costs £25 a month, payable by direct debit. This works out to £100 for each of our three terms.

We’ve tried to make paying your membership fees as easy and flexible as possible. If you have any difficulties or need further information please call the office team.

There are two ways to pay

There are two ways to pay:

Q: Spread your termly payments over the year. £100 per term (incl VAT)  = £25 per month (incl VAT)

Log on to the members' section of the website and click on the ‘Choir and Payment’ tab, then follow instructions for ‘Sign up for monthly payments’.

This is a direct debit system. The terms and conditions are available to read when you follow the instructions online.

Please note that four monthly payments of £25 equate to one full term of membership in Rock Choir. If you begin your monthly payments after the terms begins you may be asked to make an extra payment to bring you up to date to be in line with the term.

Q: Per term via credit/debit card - £100 per term (incl VAT)

Log on to the members section of the website and click on the ‘Choir and Payment’ tab, then follow the instructions for ‘Make a payment for...’

We ask for a £25 deposit before the start of each term to secure your place. The balance of £75 is then due by the end of the third week of term.

Please note that the online system will automatically prevent access to downloads if payment is not received by then. If you join Rock Choir after week 1, the full amount, pro rata, will be due in full immediately. This pro rata total will appear in your account details when you come to pay.

Contact Rock Choir

Use our online enquiry form or contact us on the following details:

Rock Choir
PO Box 467

Telephone: 01252 714 276