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Marks & Spencer

To help Rock Choir™ members at performances Marg & Barb would recommend a M&S vest that will sit flatteringly under your Rock Choir™ t'shirt and a pair of M&S trousers that are stretchy enough to allow you to perform all of the Rock Choir™ moves.

Get the Vest Get the Vest at M&S

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Why a whole page for Rock Choir Members Marg and Barb?

Why do we have a whole page dedicated to these two amazing members? Well, It began as a bit of fun in 2009 around the time of the launch of 'Rock Choir Vol.1' on Universal's Decca records. We started filming Margaret Saville Brown and Barbara Allen from the Farnham Morning 'Ladies who lunch!' Rock Choir so that we could share their journey and Rock Choir experience.

Experiences like world record attempts, a tour with double-platinum selling artists The Soldiers and, of course, releasing an album with the world's largest record company, Universal! Marg and Barb would consider themselves ordinary, normal people who sometimes cannot believe the things they've done and people they've met all because they fancied joining their local Rock Choir a few years ago.
Marg and Barb spend their days working for the UK's largest Marks and Spencers store at the Meadows in Camberley, Surrey. Amazingly, their boss lets them attend their choir rehearsals on Thursday mornings and also any of the very special events that consistently come up with Rock Choir.

Click on the video jukebox above to play some of the Marg and Barb video blogs!

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  • Stuart Redman Lusher [2011-04-07 16:05]

    I love Marg and Barb so I've made them their own webpage for fun! Leave a message for them here!

  • p meaney [2011-04-18 18:20]

    i dont believe it ........

  • jan robbins [2011-04-18 18:29]

    Wow you are officially famous now xx well done girls keep up the banter we love it xxx

  • Claire Guest [2011-04-18 18:32]

    The terrible twins or the dynamic duo???? Definitely the latter!!! Love you both - you make me smile every week xxx

  • Rock chick Rhian [2011-04-18 20:18]

    Mags & Babs ... love you to bits , thank you for inviting me into the social events with "Rock Chicks that do", I've met new lovely friends from different choirs. The best thing ever is the lovely Rock Choir HUG, it makes you feel so special!! Rhian xxx

  • Jeanette Blamire [2011-04-19 20:06]

    I think it's time for me to warn our lovely Northern Members that Marg & Barb are on their way - they just won't know what has hit them ;) I'm sure they'll love you as much as we do xxx

  • Emmey Gford Alto [2011-04-19 20:47]

    hehe what are you two like! I think I am dreaming. You have your own page here now? Koala tea! :) x

  • Kate Tuke [2011-04-21 08:04]

    Well done Mag and Barb - so proud of you both - you are such a funny pair!!!! good luck and have fun - I am so sure you will !!!!!

  • mag's [2011-04-22 13:29]

    thank you rock choir for everything you have done for not only Barb and I but all of us you have brought so much joy to everyone - and Barb and I thank everyone for following us we really do not think we deserve all this we are just honoured and pleased to do anything we are asked to do for Rock Choir it has brought us so much joy to our lives and we have met so many amazing people and made so many new and much valued friends - WATCH OUT THOUGH THEY HAVE LET US LOOSE AND WE ARE ON THE ROCK CHOIR EXPRESS PLEASE EXPECT MUCH LAUGHTER ON BOARD WE ARE SO EXCITED TO HELP YOU ALL ON YOUR JOURNEY TO WEMBLEY XXXX

  • Jade 'Dino' Wiles [2011-05-26 13:22]

    Well done Mags (Nanny Dino)! We were blessed the day we met you & Grandad Dino in Egypt to have found such wonderful friends... we are very proud of you and love hearing about your epic journey with Rock Choir! Ladies we salute you, rock on x

  • Rebecca [2011-05-27 14:20]

    Well done Stuart for giving Marg and Barb had their own site! I stumbled across their videos on YouTube and have told friends (Rockies and no Rockies alike!) all about them both. Marg and Barb, you make me laugh so much. Your commentaries on your Rock Choir experiences are thoroughly entertaining. Keep it up ladies! (Not just Rock Choir members, M&S Rock Choir members, ha ha ha!) x

  • mag's [2011-07-06 18:28]

    wow so the series is finished hope you all enjoyed it as much as we did the DVD comes out in September so look out for it on the Rock Choir page. We are now preparing for New Victoria Theatre Woking and all our other choirs have been performing to great reviews. so proud of everyone, it was wonderful to see all the new choirs starting up and meet lots of new people at the taster sessions being run at the moment, we have had many laughs Barb and I with Rock Choir and continue to have more and must say we are very proud of our M&S who are being so supportive and coming to hear us sing on Friday 8th July keep watching our blogs we did one on the Rock Choir express love, lots of laughter and great singing to everyone love Marg & Barb xxx

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    Marg & Barb's photos

    The Marks and Spencer staff magazine featured the Camberley store for the first time ever thanks to Marg and Barb Barb and Marg talk about Rock Choir™ on BBC London News How did they ever manage to get in shot for this photo on the front of their local paper as well! Marg and Barb with Ruth Langsford after appearing in ITV's 'This Morning' Marg kissing army heart-throb Ryan Idzi on the Birmingham leg of 'The Soldiers' tour, how did she manage that! Barb with Eamonn Holmes after appearing in ITV's 'This Morning' Marg on tour in Cardiff with Gary Chilton from 'The Soldiers' Marg with Ryan Idzi from 'The Soldiers'. Careful Ryan, she may go in for another kiss!