Newport Half Marathon

March 1st 2015

Rock Choir members from Chepstow, Monmouth, Abergavenny and Newport performed at the Newport Half Marathon on Sunday 1st March. The performance took place at 9:30am and we are delighted to have…


Pride of Birkenhead Dinner

February 27th 2015

Rock Choir members from Birkenhead and West Kirby performed at the Pride of Birkenhead Dinner on Friday 27th February. The performance took place at 7:30pm and we are delighted to…


Ukrainian Social Club

February 21st 2015

Rock Choir members from Marylebone, Hampstead, Woodford and Ealing performed at the fundraising concert in memory of the events that occurred on the Ukraine Maidan last year. The event was on Saturday 21st February….

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