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The Rock Choir experience

Rock Choir offers a very different experience to the traditional classical or community choir, pioneering a new approach to vocal training and entertainment.

It offers fun weekly rehearsals using well-known hit songs with original vocal arrangements and performance elements.

Rock Choir has achieved a fantastic reputation in the UK for its sophisticated teaching techniques, unique style and the feel-good experience it gives its members.

It supports local communities and raises money for charities through performances and events.

Capturing the imagination of the public

Rock Choir has caught the attention of the national media, been described as "a national phenomenon", and has appeared in the the Sunday Times Culture Magazine and The Express, and on the BBC Breakfast Show and The Paul O'Grady Shows.

Decca Records describes Rock Choir as the "largest, most popular contemporary choir in the world" inspiring and reaching the general public of the UK.

The place Rock Choir has in each community allows contemporary music to reach all ages and all levels of experience in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.

Behind the scenes

The team behind Rock Choir is exemplary in terms of skills and experience and the support given to each member taking part in Rock Choir builds confidence in individuals, often changing lives.

The Rock Choir team is made up of the best contemporary vocal coaches in the UK. Each offers their own insight and experience into the world of singing, although they are all trained in the unique Rock Choir technique and teaching style.

With a vast choice of rehearsal locations to choose from across the UK, whichever Rock Choir a new member chooses to join they will get the same buzz and excitement.

Contact Rock Choir

Use our online enquiry form or contact us on the following details:

Rock Choir
PO Box 467

Telephone: 01252 714 276